Ghanaian Startup Aims to Connect Christians across the Globe with the Launch of its Interactive Platform

Imagine a connected world, a world in which you could walk up to your pastor and share all your problems without physically meeting him. Imagine a world where you could literally make new Christian friends and this in a matter of seconds.
Well, this vision is not far fetched; after all, Facebook and Twitter have all enabled this in some way. LoveRealm Ministry, an international non-profit online ministry based in Accra however thinks they can do better by building a niche social network tailored specifically for Christians.

‘Look around the web, there’s really no ‘real’’ social network tailored specifically for Christians. The ones available are simply funny jokes. It’s shocking!” said Yaw Ansong Jnr, CEO of LoveRealm.

Speaking specifically about their vision, Yaw pointed out the fact that LoveRealm hoped to reach out to more people for Christ through this platform.

“The LoveRealm network is not just one of those secular networks where you meet friends and share pictures and selfies. It’s a spiritual platform with which we hope to connect Christians, and leverage that connection to reach out to more people out there to surrender to Christ.”

“It’s simply amazing how many people we can reach for Christ with these new tools. Even with our young Facebook page, we reach over 100,000 people daily. It’s simply amazing.”
Cranchon.com probed further and Yaw tells @baahduoduprince this:

What makes LoveRealm Different from others (especially Christ Embassy’s Yookos)?

There are quite a few Christian networks out there, however, I maintain my stance and you can verify on the web that most of them are outdated, and the experience is terrible. Yookos happens to be relatively the ‘best’ so far, but even their network seems rather limited to members of the Christ Embassy, plus the user experience and interface is not intuitive. So ‘yes’ there are few Christian social networks, but they are really lacking in user experience.

About the unique features of our network, users can build trust on our system by improving their score known as the ‘Love Score’. With this score, they are ranked based on how trust worthy they are. Posted content is then posted on the network, based on how trust worthy users are. This score however is not relevant once someone trusts you enough to follow you, thus user content is shown also to their followers irrespective of their love score.

What this means therefore is that we are building a powerful information medium that would serve as a good resource for Christians and non-Christians alike. You can follow your pastor’s ministry on the network, you can read your church messages on it, you can meet new Christian friends on the network, you may even meet your wife on it. The possibilities are endless.

@baahduoduprince asked: Is LoveRealm not going to be one of those Social Network platforms which end up being sold after reaching some thousands of users?

We are very serious about this. You have to note that we are a CHRISTIAN-NONPROFIT MINISTRY. We are a ministry, not a company. What this means is that we can’t sell to investors.

Yaw is graduating from medical school in 2015. And he says this: “there’s no time in medical school, so if I weren’t serious about this, why would I waste my time on this in the first place. We’re not in this for the money; neither are we selling any time soon. We are ministers of God!”

The LoveRealm network is set to launch somewhere mid – June. Don’t miss out on their launch. Sign up for the early bird edition here

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