5 New Mobile Apps ‘Introduced’ by Ghanaian Students

Five new start-ups are set to be introduced to Ghana’s technology industry. Cranchon.com learned at Ashesi University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology AITI’s Ghana 2013 Mobile Application Demo Day. The start-ups are as follows:


This app is expected to help people find events that one would normally only hear of through word of mouth. It will also give event hosts to advertise their events.


This is an App for bead lovers. Users can learn more about African beads, search and select specialty beads.


This app will simply help to coordinate student calendars and campus social activities. Other functionalities that are likely to be added are learning and socializing tools.

Native Prints

If you love fabrics then this app is definitely yours. An app for fabric producers, tailors and people in search of native fabrics. Users can locate producers of native fabrics, prints, weaves, etc. The app collects detail on user feedback and price.


This app is intended to help slow or prevent counterfeit drugs sales. The start-ups comprise five student teams from Ashesi University, The Regional Maritime University, and Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.

The apps are in their mobile application prototypes stage. More soon on Cranchon.com

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