MTN Pocket Internet – Supersonic Speed at Less Cost

There has been consistent complaints about lack of portable, cost effective and fast internet connectivity; a ‘friend’ that has been missing from Ghana’s information communication space for a longer period.
MTN Pocket internet provides all the ‘goodies’ one needs internet connectivity for. From your laptop in the house to browsing on your Smartphone in your private car, public buses or a taxi, it’s a friend that never forgets to keep you smiling.

This is because through MTN pocket internet, you are able to conveniently connect with your friends on Social Media platforms including Linked In, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. as well as keeping up to date with breaking news and major news worldwide.

MTN Pocket internet is a must have for individuals looking forward to staying in touch with families and friends; Business professionals that need to close that hard won deals and waiting for mails but can’t stay all day in the office to access your Google or Yahoo accounts and everyone who loves to stay online uninterrupted.
MTN Internet simply gives you the opportunity to browse the internet at more places and on more devices, at less cost than other internet providers might give you.

It is your internet ‘on the go!’ on your Laptops, Smartphones, Tablets, Phablets and Office computers.

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