Tecno Phantom A takes on Samsung Galaxy S4


Samsung Galaxy S4 is the flagship Smartphone of the Korean company currently competing with the Taiwanese HTC one Smartphone for the Android King crown.

The Tecno Phantom A being the flagship phone of the Chinese company Tecno Telecom is gradually announcing its presence in the Smartphone world. Cranchon.com has decided do a quick review on the basic functions and hardware elements common to the S4 and the Phantom A and those that differ.


Samsung Galaxy S4 runs on the latest android jelly bean version 4.2.2 while the Phantom A runs on jelly bean version 4.1.1.Even Though both run on the latest android OS (Jelly Beans) the galaxy S4 has a marginal advantage over the Phantom since the 4.2.2 version is smoother, quicker and more responsive. The Phantom however is upgradable after rooting the device.


Secondly, S4 has a 1.9 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 600 which means that the S4 is faster and can handle multitasking and a ton of apps and games running concurrently. The Phantom A however boasts of a 1 GHz Dual-Core processor. Considering the price of the Phantom A, a GHz dual core processor and 1Gig RAM is an added bonus.


Phantom A has a 5 inch HD screen that is great for gaming, video calling, watching movies and having a good time on your phone. The screen however is an LCD screen and S4 is a 5 inch super amoled screen.


Fourthly, Phantom A has a 4Gig ROM whiles the S4 comes in 16Gig and 32Gig internal memory. Both phones have external SD card slot, however the phantoms comes with an 8Gig external memory card and can take up to 32Gig SD card.


Last but not least, Galaxy S4 comes with a 13 mega pixel back camera and a 2 mega pixel whiles Phantom A comes with an 8 mega pixel back camera and a 1.2 mega pixel front camera. Tecno Phantom A is not so far away from the ‘rear view mirror’ of the Galaxy S4 ‘camera car’.


Lastly, the battery of the Samsung galaxy S4 has a life span of up to 12 hours of active usage by our perusal, whiles the Phantom last for 8-10 hours of active usage. But with an additional Power Bank, Phantom A users do not have to worry about living the Phantom A way!.

In concluding, given the price and features of Phantom A, we can only say with certainty that Tecno has come to fight for a place in the android world and they are not backing down.

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