Unboxing of Tecno Phantom A –Innovation Truly Liberated


A true smart life was experienced even before the Tecno PhantomA Smartphone was unboxed. The phone package describes smartness, durability, easy-life and fun on-the-go! Tecno has indeed proven to the Smartphones world that they are a force to reckon with its release of ‘Innovation-influenced’ Phantom A.

There are three key boxes making up the package namely: flip case, power bank and the phone box.

Phone Box

The box is a ‘magic’ box. Because, it is uniquely segmented to house the following: the phone, 5v adaptor, battery, USB cable, ear piece, a manual, a 13 months warranty card and amazingly, an MTN SIM card loaded with an incredible 1200 mega byte internet data spread over 6 months.

The 3G Android Dual SIM phone has an 8GB MicroSD card and the following : 8.0 Mega Pixel camera, runs on Android 4.1, Gmail and Google play, WIFI, Hotspot, 5.0” HD Touch screen, Dual core 1GHz CPU, Bluetooth 3.0 including other social tools.

One interesting application is the incredible flash share tool. It allows file sharing among users in such a unique style. Just shake your phone after selecting the file and here your friend has it on his/her phone! can convincingly confirm that it is faster and convenient than Bluetooth and other file sharing apps.

In the Phone box, is an ear piece. It is long enough and its speakers give clear sound. Hence gives you a peace of mind using it for voice calls and listening music anytime, anywhere! However, Tecno should have made the ear piece for the black Phantom A, black, instead of white. A Pure white ear piece on a pure black phone is a mix-match.

Power Bank

Once again, Tecno has made an unforgettable mark with the introduction of a Power Bank to support the phone. The power bank is portable and when charged, you do not have to worry about travelling away for a day or two. It simply backs up your phone’s battery when it runs out by connecting to your phone via USB Cable. was wondering if this device was only exclusive to Tecno Phantom A, but to our surprise, we found out that this easy-to-use power bank system gadget is compatible with all Tecno phones, Android phones Windows Smartphones iPhones, iPad, iPod, MP3/MP4, Bluetooth and digital cameras.

Flip Case

Tecno once again went another mile to introduce a flip case in the package of the Innovation Liberated Phantom A. This case does not really add any considerable amount of weight to your phone. It only replaces your battery cover and the flip case is snapped to cover the phone’s screen.

The advantage here is that you do not worry so much about easily scratching or cracking your phone’s screen. The case acts as a ‘security guard’ for your phone’s screen.

In summary, Tecno has indeed disrupted the Smartphone market with the introduction of Phantom A. Tecno Phantom A is an innovative, easy to use, social and economically preferable Smartphone. Life is easier especially in this unstable power supply era in Ghana, the Power Bank keeps your phone running for extra hours.

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