Yougora – An Emerging Tech Startup from Ghana

Yougora is a software application development startup in Ghana, envisioning becoming a relevant big world player in application software development.

The award-winning startup company was officially launched last month after over 2 years of incorporation in Ghana and busily working hard to becoming a strong force to reckon with in applications development. had an online interview with the Co-Founder and Head of Business Strategy & Development, Joseph Dankwah, and this is what he had to say: “We believe that we can provide simple but relevant solutions to common yet significant social problems using application software. We also believe we can maximize the profits of businesses and make life generally easier to live by providing some application power.”

Joseph also disclosed that they are building web and mobile based apps and committed to making inroads into desktop and enterprise solutions and business analytics in the coming years.

So far, Yougora have successfully launched 3 major apps:


This is an internet shopping market that allows merchants to set up online shops, advertise to buyers who can buy and pay online or on delivery.


233Law is a very dynamic mobile application that enables users to easily access information about their rights, articles of social and civic educative nature, information about Ghana, news and announcements and most importantly the constitution of the country at just the pressing of a button on their mobile phones. Another important feature is a Q&A which lets users ask the community of users’ questions of legal matter and get free guidance from Yougora’s community of volunteer lawyers.
According Joseph, the team is building some good strategic partnerships and looking forward to starting some campaigns soon, including good user engagements and interactions on various social media platforms.


It is a social app that enables people to post opinions, issues, praises and concerns about organizations, government officials and the lot on a post board. Users especially companies may use this board to aggregate opinions and feedback about their services.

When asked to tell us some other apps they are currently working on, Joseph laughed and said they are working on quite a number of them, but would not be able to mention them, but soon we shall know.
He however revealed that Yougora have just completed an app for Miss Ghana, to enable people interact with the contestants and ultimately to vote for their favorite contestant.

Last year, 233Law bagged 4 awards at the Ghana Top Apps Awards 2012. Yougora have been nominated for an International Award and they hope to make it through all the stages and indeed win, says Joseph Dankwah.

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