I Reject it! Ghana is not the 2nd Ranked Cybercrime Country – Dr Omane Boamah

Some reports suggest that Ghana is the 2nd Ranked Cyber Crime country on the continent. But at the just ended Alliance for Affordable Internet (A4IA) forum on Internet Affordability, Communication minister, Dr. Omane Boamah, vehemently argued that Ghana can never be a second ranked nation as some reports suggest. See below his words:

“Anybody can sit anywhere and generate a system that can be seemed to be emanating from Ghana. But more too often we seem to accept this negative colouration of our cyber space just because maybe we are being timid to confronting these issues.

I reject it, however if I am faced with superior evidence I am ready to revise my notes. But as we speak now, Ghana is not the 2nd as we have been made to believe. If there are facts and figures to disprove my assertion, I am ready and willing to welcome it.”

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