Dear Tigo, You’re not the only Telecom Network in Ghana

Once my best network in Ghana has now become my worst, though I still have its SIM card in my phone. I decided to go for a second SIM card especially that of a network that provided a stable and affordable internet more than a year ago.
After several considerations, I settled on Tigo. Because they claimed in one of their adverts that they were the ‘network that actually works’; a direct response to Vodafone’s ‘network that works’.

I chose Tigo because they provided stable connection, affordable call costs and internet plans. Over the past year, I have had a good time using Tigo for calls and internet.

However, Tigo has proven to me why I should not believe that it is the network that actually works. I started experiencing bad service from Tigo from December, 2013 and things have not changed. From poor unstable internet connection to frustrations in recharging call cards and call drops, I have really experienced the worst user experience in my life since I started using mobile phone in the days of ‘One touch’ and ‘U touch’.

Why should I spend over 30 minutes trying to recharge a call credit or spend up to 45 minutes trying to reach a friend or a loved one? Call drops, poor connections and sometimes, you hear call going through but the other party receives no notification.

Unfortunately, complaints on social media platforms yielded no results and unsuccessful reach to their customer service lines makes the worrying situation worse.

It is high time our telcos sat up and worked hard to make us really know that they care about users of their network. Why should I spend between 30minutes to hours to trying to even load credit to make an urgent call only to be told the following throughout this period?

Sorry the operation failed
Connection problem or Invalid MMI code or
Sorry your request failed. Please try later or dial 810 for help. Thank you.
The annoying part of my bad experience with Tigo is when they sent a message apologising for the poor internet connection they provided within a specific day. So they compensated me with some data. Interestingly, Tigo asked me to use all the data within 24hours, and guess what, my connection lost throughout the period and they took their data back.

I have no choice than to stop using this network since they seem to be happy with what is happening.

A disappointed user.

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