Edward Tagoe Guest Blogs: Putting Technology into Buying and Selling

Just before you get to the next sentence, could you close your eyes for a second and imagine how boring life was without social networks??? Well, it’s hard to imagine a life without connected profiles on laptops and mobile phones, but guess what; some people actually did go through such an age. The age where they had to travel miles on foot because cars did not exist, the era when it took years for the death of a king to travel throughout the whole land because telecommunication devices were just ahead of their time. And can you imagine traveling on a donkey from your country’s biggest city to the next big city probably just to buy food or clothes?

The world has evolved from where it originally started, and as humans face problems, they come up with solutions to make travels easier, commerce more convenient, and life just a little bit more entertaining. How do you feel when you try imagining how sectors of life such as health, banking, sex, etc would be like in some years to come? Do you see flying cars? Do you imagine making payments into your bank account just by sending an image of your cheque to your banker? Do you see technology so advanced we may probably no longer need half of the jobs we have today?

Let’s forget about the future for now, it’s a mind-blowing exercise. The present is what counts. Looking at how advancements have been made in the area of commerce is stunningly impressive. Websites with classifieds help you understand what elements are available and with a mouse and monitor, you go through several needs you may have to select one or two. I have lots of respect for the platforms which run free ads in Ghana and e-commerce websites, not just because of the amount of resources which go into such projects, but also because such initiatives end up making my life a whole lot easier. Of course there are times I wished I could just make purchases on such websites and get them delivered to me through a courier, but given the current fundamental challenges the continent faces, we must appreciate the advancements made in the commerce industry.

Now, before your get to the full stop in this sentence….close your eyes again and imagine a world without classifieds and e-commerce website. A tough one huh?

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