iTeach by DreamOval to Empower Teachers in Northern Ghana

The DreamOval Foundation, in partnership with the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) and Ashesi University, has embarked on its annual teacher training program, iTeach, from the 17th to the 22nd of August this year. This year’s program will see close to a hundred teachers from the Northern Region of Ghana trained in ICT on the campus of Ashesi University to gain greater comfort and skill that can be passed on to their students.

The iTeach Program is a four-year old initiative by DreamOval Limited, aimed at introducing knowledge of and skills in Information Technology tools. The JHS teachers who participate in an iTeach program are specially chosen from some deprived areas of a region by the Ghana National Association of Teachers. Once selected, these teachers are provided with free accommodation, equipment, and training at a venue for the 1-week period at the cost of the DreamOval Foundation and its partners.

At the end of the competition the best teacher is rewarded with a prize for themselves as well as for the school they teach in. The 2013 edition’s Best Teacher was Ms. Belinda Ayesu who won a brand new laptop for herself and the construction of an ICT center with internet connectivity for a year at her school, the Boso Anglican Primary JHS in the Eastern Region.

Selected iTeach participants are given training in classes ranging from an Introduction to Computers, to Online Search Tools, and Computer Applications. A focus is placed on skills which will have direct, immediate benefits for the teachers in their daily classroom work. This year’s program comes on the heels of successful trainings of teachers from the Greater Accra, Central, Ashanti, and Eastern Regions.

The program last year received high commendation as the Second Lady of the country graced the event along with Ministry of Education officials to oversee activities and hand out prizes to deserving teachers. This year’s program is set to enjoy even greater support from the Ministry of Education and NGO partners as its impact over the years is readily apparent.

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